The Ultimate Summer Activities for Your Dog

Paws in the sand, sunshine on the fur, and fun in the air! Summer is a popular time of the year to include your dog in your activities. While the summertime can be very hot, there are plenty of “cool” things to do with your dog. Here are some of our top 5 favorites for ultimate summer activities for your dog! 

Dog-Friendly Restaurants and Tourist Attractions

You may be surprised, but a lot of restaurants and sight-seeing locations do allow dogs. Whether it be a new place to eat, a trending brewery, or a new point of interest, dogs are surely welcome. Just bring a leash as most places require dogs to be leashed. Visit or to find local areas near you that are welcoming to pups and call ahead if you’re unsure!


Whether it be a local pool, lake, beach or even a kiddie pool in your backyard, swimming can be a fun activity for your dog. Refreshing and cooling are the most sought out feelings your pup can be looking for on a hot summer day. These areas of water can help your dog burn off a lot of energy. Make water play even more enticing by adding in a floatable toy to throw back and forth in the water. We suggest this fun toy from Frisco!


 Want to keep your summer body in shape and let your dog explore? Try hiking! All of the interesting things to see and smell will really get their tail wagging! Be sure to pack plenty of water, as a lot of exercise requires hydration for both you and your pup. If you plan to be on solid concrete or blacktop, consider getting your dog some paw shoes to protect their feet from the heat. Always remember to research pup-friendly trails before heading out.

Car Rides

Let the windows down and the breeze flow in! Your pup can get the excitement of summer from the back seat of the car. They’ll be shaded from the sun and can see all the sights around them. Jeeps, convertible tops and off-road vehicles are some of the best ways to transport your dog around.

Frozen Treats

Who doesn’t love a cold treat on a hot summer day?! Take your dog to a local ice cream shop and get a pup cup. Add in a couple pieces of your pup’s favorite Ultimates kibble to make it even more delicious. You could even make your own DIY pup cup at home! Another cold treat can simply be some fresh ice! If you’re on the go, fill a cooler with some ice and treat your dog as you wish. 

Whether you want to visit that new restaurant or go swimming with some friends, bring your pup along! They will surely enjoy themselves just as much as you will watching them have a blast. What an ultimate way to spend summer with your dog!