Student Success Stories – Madison Roussel

Madison Roussel is the daughter of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Kenneth Francis Roussel. She was six years old when he passed away, but remembers him being loving, caring, goofy, funny, and devoted to his family.

“My dad’s military service means so much to me. The fact that he was willing to risk his life for our country and for our freedoms just shows how amazing of a man he was! I think my dad would be most proud that I graduated college. I’m a first-generation college graduate and I know he would be proud of me achieving something he and my family worked hard for me to have access to.”


  • NAME: Madison Roussel
  • COLLEGE: University of Kentucky
  • MAJOR: Communication and History


  • NAME: Kenneth Francis Roussel
  • RANK: Staff Sergeant
  • CAUSE OF DEATH: Suicide

With help from Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, Madison graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and History at University of Kentucky. After completing her Bachelor’s degree, Madison graduated with her MS in Business Management from Fordham University in 2022.

Fallen Patriots funded her study abroad trip to London in 2017, which gave her the confidence to push herself socially, academically, and in her career. Madison now serves as the Communications Supervisor at Fallen Patriots because of the impact the foundation had on her during college.

“The fact that I can help give so many students that same opportunity is so rewarding, and I know I am making a difference in their lives. If it was not for Fallen Patriots making London a possibility for me financially, I would not be the person I am today.”